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About Us

MAC Global Marketing, Inc. embraces determination, dedication, and hard work in order to ensure maximum success. we promote opportunities for each individual who joins our team so that they can fulfill their goals. All management starts at entry-level with training in marketing and developing their full potential. Here at MAC Global Marketing, Inc. no goal is too big to attain and we seek to eliminate the fears of the words NO and CAN'T.

Why Choose Us

What We Do

In-Store Marketing is the process of captivating the consumer’s attention to a specific brand or product inside of a retail environment. Mac Global Marketing, Inc. takes a personal approach to marketing. We speak to customers face to face versus over the phone or internet. This approach results in value added, unique, marketing strategies for our customers.

Company Philosophy

There are many different ways to grab attention, whether it be through the use of signage, demonstrations, displays or even live presentation/representation. All of these forms have their own significant value and can be utilized to target specific markets. These concepts have become increasingly important to every retailer and the clients that do business in their stores.

Our Mission

Mac Global Marketing, Inc. dedicates all of our resources to bringing out the best in human potential while fostering solid relationships with our team members, customers and clients. Our mission revolves around generating client, company and customer solutions that improve life for everyone. We stand out from our competition because we create a distinctive synergy between all parties.

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