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MAC Global Marketing, Inc. trains entry-level team members to act as a liaison between clients and prospective customers in the local business market. We need goal oriented team members who have the student mentality and are focused on achieving success.


MAC Global Marketing, Inc. is constantly seeking to present internship opportunities for college students. Our clients are constantly requesting our expansion therefore we need qualified internship roles filled quarterly. As an intern at MAC Global Marketing, Inc. you will:

  • Learn how to manage accounts for our clients and their customers
  • Learn how to communicate in a professional environment
  • Learn how to conduct interviews
  • You will receive a guaranteed hourly rate plus bonuses when available

Ideal candidate possesses the following attributes:

  • Have a student mentality
  • Be adaptable ready to overcome challenges daily
  • Possess a desire to be the best
  • Able to work 30-35 hours a week

MAC Global Marketing, Inc. is currently offering full-time and part-time sales positions. No experience is necessary but you must be willing to learn and have a great work ethic. We will train individuals to learn skills ranging from sales to management and leadership. Each individual will be provided with an opportunity to excel in client acquisitions by marketing through direct sales. As an Entry Level Sales Representative you will:

  • Assist in growth and development of our company
  • Assist in obtaining new business acquisitions
  • Have a desire to enhance leadership skills
  • Willing to work closely as a team

Job Requirements:

  • Be organized
  • Flexibility in schedule
  • Ability to work in a fast paced environment
  • CRAVE success

At MAC Global Marketing, Inc. we believe business is simple: gain new customers and ensure them happiness. The foundation for exceptional customer service is to build long lasting relationships with your customer. This position includes but is not limited to sales, marketing, and the ability to lead in the manager role. As a Manager/Team Leader you will:

  • Build teams and mentor
  • Perform face to face presentations to new customers
  • Attend morning meetings and interact through conference calls
  • Conduct interviews and the hiring process

Job Requirements:

  • Phenomenal people skills, be organized, and possess the ability to lead
  • 2-4 year degree or work experience
  • Motivated to advance through the company program

What We Offer

At Mac Global Marketing, Inc. we believe in 100% Promotion from within meaning everyone starts from the same spot. Each one of our managers have been training in all aspects of the company creating a solid base and the foundation for our growth.

  • Unlimited Growth
  • Travel Opportunities
  • Merit Based Promotions
  • Salary
  • Bonuses
  • Fun Atmosphere
  • Creativity
  • Leadership Opportunities

Mac Global Marketing, Inc. is growing!

Apply today and start your new career tomorrow!